On the day of my university report, my father almost insisted on seeing me off. Although I have put on my best clothes, it still looks so abrupt in the campus where the car shuttles. At the time of signing up for payment, my father fumbled for the action of taking money from the Garter, which caused a young saleswoman of the bank to laugh frivolously. At that moment, I blushed at the same time with a kind of anger of leaving. I shouted to her, "is this funny?" At the moment, the father, like a child who did something wrong, hurriedly completed the formalities and left the noisy hall in a hurry. Facing the clean and fashionable campus, I can't calm down for a long time. Maybe I shouldn't be angry with that girl. We have different backgrounds. The legend in her eyes is exactly my real life. The fashion in her or their eyes is a dream that I can't reach and have no heart to look forward to. This afternoon, I took my father with me to walk in this unfamiliar campus. We walked slowly and talked softly, not letting go of every corner of this place called ivory tower. I know it's a father's dream, a pathetic and lamentable dream. All I can do now is this. I don't care about other people's eyes, because this is our life. Although ordinary but noble, it can't be ignored even though it's too short. Because we all believe that weeping and sowing will lead to cheering and harvesting, and this campus is a small post station full of hope on our way. We have plenty of reasons to enjoy it calmly, even though there is a glimmer of pain at the same time.